How to get The Spike Tank in Diepio?

How to get The Spike Tank in Diepio?

To acquire the spike tank in, you have to upgrade the Smasher class. Players must have to reach at level 45 to acquire spike tank in For selecting the options by spikes, you have to upgrade the spike by branch and then you will be able to tank control by spike projections. The drawback of spike tank is, that The Spike tank has no barrels. Going after to spike tank without barrels can be simple by enemies and they can harm the tank without any problem.

Players in destroy shapes and other tanks and win the earning points for further getting the spike tank. When by continuously play and reach level 45 then it is time to upgrade the Smasher class. In upgrading the smasher class, players can experience with the various branches including The Spike Mod APK branch. It is a unique playing experience where players enjoy in filling the spike in the tank, in this upgraded level, players equip the tank by a spike in order to play as defence and offence. Also check: How to Give Wingman The Spike?

In, there are many branch projections where players enjoy the balance of offence and defense with the spike projectiles. Players destroy shapes and tanks in various levels and earn points and also reach at level 45, where they equip the spikes in the tank by upgrading the smasher tank as well. There are different play styles and abilities of players that they use in playing the tank branches levels. Every upgraded smasher level allows players to enjoy in playing by different abilities and playing unique strategies. There are defensive playing purposes in order to and also damage the tanks of enemies and offensive playing purpose save from harming or damaging the spike tanks from enemies and acts as a protecting shield for players.

Upgrading the Tanks in

  1. Players have to spawn as level one tank
  2. Press Y from keyboard for opening the map
  3. In the upper left corner, check the upgrade option,
  4. If the upgrades will available then it will be with the options of twin, sniper, machine gun, flank guard and smasher
  5. Choose the desired upgrade and start to play, you can select smasher for spike equipping as a tank branch

Upgrading Smasher Tank:

The smasher tank in is a hexagon shaped tank without cannon and this smasher tank is used to ram enemies. Here is the guide about upgrading the smasher tank as follows;

  1. The upgrading of smasher tank can be upgrade from a normal tank as level 30.
  2. The smasher can further upgrade form level 45 for spike equipping, in the auto smasher, you can use auto gun on the top

Importance of Spike Tank in Diep:io

Players can upgrade the smasher tank firstly and then they choose the spike tank branch in which they equip the spikes in the tank. This level in is considered as more unique because it has combination of offense and defense for making it more interesting while playing. There are many playing styles and various game scenarios because of the spike tank’s versatility. Many gaming adventures and challenges are there as like one to one battles, team playing and navigating the cluster of shapes. Players can optimize their spike tank by upgrading it according to performance and abilities.

There are many customizations in the various upgrading levels but limited customizations is available for spike tank for choosing desired branches and attributes for selected branches. Spike tank’s ramming ability can be used for dealing the damages by enemies and protecting the spike tanks as a shield. Players have to play effectively to reduce the damages from enemies and by keeping the playing activity as engaging. Players can reach at level 45 for enjoying and playing with the upgraded smasher to spike tanks and it can be possible with a smooth destroying activity of tanks and shapes.

Players can use long range attacks to encounter opponents and saving from the damage. Players also can save themselves by attacking to enemies with the help of bullets and drones; they must keep a distance from their enemies to protect from damage as well.

Spike Tank Guide:

  • Spike requires only smasher upgrade, at level 45 and’s grade 4th.
  • There are no barrels at the tank and it has circular shape.
  • Spike is faster than normal smasher and the tank is similar to Landmine.
  • Players can upgrade the spike tank with Body damage, Health regen, Max health and Movement speed as ten times rather than seven times.

Disadvantages of Spike Tank:

  • The spike tank has no barrels.
  • Attacking to spike tank without barrels can be easy by enemies.
  • Enemies can damage the tank easily.


Players in deep,io obliterate shapes and different tanks and win the procuring focuses for additional getting the spike tank. At the point when by constant playing and coming to level 45; then the time has come to overhaul the Smasher class. In updating the smasher class, players can insight with the different branches including the spike tank branch. It is an exceptional playing experience where players appreciate in filling the spike in tank, in this redesigned level; players prepare the tank by spike to playing as protection and offense.


You have to reach at level 45 for unlocking the spike tank in

You can reach at level 45 for unlocking the spike tank in by destroying the shapes and tanks fast and can earn points.

You can use bullets and drones for attacking to enemies and for protecting the damage. Players have to maintain distance from enemies while attacking to them.

No, you have to upgrade the smasher branches and reach at level 45 to start to play Spike Tank in

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