How to Give Wingman The Spike?

How to Give Wingman The Spike?

In Valorant, wingman is a game changing skill for planting and defusing The Spike as Gekko’s ability. This is Valorant’s agent 22 who tackled many situations as a versatile initiator having many abilities. Here we are going to discuss about giving the spike to the wingman in Valorant. In Valorant Gekko is an initiator that plants the spike with instant death.

Valorant’s agent 22 was established in a short time as Gekko. When Wingman dubbed the sidekick then Gekko is a tiny penguin that defuses the spike and also gathers or plants The Spike Mod APK. We will discuss that, how Gekko planted the spike with Wingman. Players must have the spike in their inventory and have to be close with their team according to the planted spike as well.

Wingman in Valorant:

Wingman is considered as a supporting helper in planting the spike when other teammates are busy in fighting with the enemies. Gekko can summon many creative abilities including the wingman that walks in a straight line towards the direction that you choose for planting or defusing the spike. Like Raze’s Boom Bot stops and reaches the distance that is set for him. He turned into orb that Geeko picks for using the wingman within the round.

When enemy is found, Raze’s Boom Bot is damaged by exploding and the wingman makes a concussive blast by chasing any enemy. When Gekko carry the spike and you take the wingman then you can allow the wingman to plant the spike and you also can use fire button by aiming the plant site.

Enemies always remain in the circumstances of killing the wingman so you should protect the wingman from enemies or defenders. However, it isn’t easy to save the agent’s life by carrying or handling the spike in Valorant. Basically wingman is cuddly buddy who carry, plant and defuse the spike remotely.

Wingman has 100 HP and 300 credits cost, it converts in a blob when you start to use him. Players can pick the blob after 10 seconds again using the wingman, however, players can also use this picking ability at the end of 10 seconds. Players can use their abilities and also buy them again easily.

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Guideline and steps for Planting The Spike with Wingman:

  1. The most important thing is to have the spike in your inventory before using the wingman for planting or defusing the spike.
  2. First of all for equipping the wingman, press “Q” from your keyboard
  3. Now find the safe place where no bomb can exist, and set the safe position
  4. The area that you will select for as a spike area, it must be within your sight
  5. When you are going to equipping the wingman, aim at the spot of your choice
  6. When spike marker will turn into purple color, then you have to release the wingman by pressing right-click.
  7. Wingman will go to the site and by following the safe route, plant the spike.
  8. You have to protect wingman from defenders because it health is 100.

Wingman is considered as a supporting partner in establishing the spike when different colleagues are occupied in battling with the foes. Gekko can bring numerous imaginative capacities remembering the wingman that stroll for straight line towards the heading that you decide for planting or stopping the spike. As like Raze’s Boom Bot, stop and by arriving at the distance that is set for him. He transformed into circle that Geeko picks for utilizing the partner inside the round. It brings the game challenges that are very rare in Valorant and has ability to plant and drop the spike, on the other and wingman gives the spike to Gekko in order to give it further five members for handling the spike duty. The spike duties can be retake for attacking or defending the bombsites as well.


For defusing the spike by wingman, you can follow the steps as follows;

  1. First of all equip the wingman, simply press “Q” from keyboard
  2. Now select the position where the spike is visible when activated,
  3. With equipping the wingman aim at the spike
  4. Now release and defuse the spike by pressing Alt-fire
  5. Protect wingman from defenders for winning the round successfully
  6. Harbor’s cove can use for enabling the wingman’s safety from enemies.
  7. Wingman will not attack Yoru clones.

Unique mechanics of Wingman:

  • Wingman’s stun can be dodging by the players.
  • Wingman is unable to delay the killjoy’s ultimate.
  • Wingman has ability to move away while defusing the spike.
  • The spike will defuse by wingman when hit by breach’s ultimate.

Other tricks for using Wingman:

You can follow the tricks and tips that will helpful in using wingman as;

  • Clutch as one-verses-one and after this, select the weapons from Valorant’s map in order to defusing wingman.
  • Always choose clear tight areas for using the wingman for planting or defusing the spike.
  • You can use wingman for many times in a round.
  • For wasting enemies’ power and utility, defuse half spike by the wingman and defuse the remaining half spike when wingman expires it; this in for saving your time.
  • When wingman expires, re-pick the Globule surely.
  • Gekko must hold the spike when planting it with wingman.


In Valorant Gekko is an initiator that establishes the spike with moment demise. Valorant’s agent 22 was laid out in the brief time frame as Gekko. At the point when partner named the companion then Gekko is a small penguin that stop the spike and furthermore accumulate or establish the spike. Players should have the spike in their stock and must be close with their group as per the established spike also.


Yes, if shot at wingman, then he can die.

Alt-fire key is used for all spike-related functions of wingman.

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